In the spirit of giving and Old Bill’s I want to take a moment to highlight a cause near and dear to my heart.  Back in July I attended the Grand Teton National Park Foundation’s event for the opening for the newly revived Jenny Lake. Being one of the most visited spots in the park it was in dire need of maintenance and preservation.  The finished product is certainly something to see.

The dedication and hard work of Leslie Mattson and team at the Foundation is an inspiration to all who look to preserve our natural treasures for the next generation.  J SINGLETON FINANCIAL has been a supporter of the Foundation’s work for many years through donations as well as volunteering (see previous post as trail crew).  What is more, this summer I was asked to join the Foundation’s resource committee and I look forward to continuing that support as a member of the Foundation’s Resource Committee.


**Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse or services of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation or Jenny Lake